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Marine Surveying

OziExplorer   The Home page for the shareware mapping program used with Depths2Ozi.
3Dfield A very flexible shareware plotting program capable of plotting depth contours directly from a Depths2Ozi or OziExplorer plot (track) file.
Doyle Guides The home of Chris Doyle Guides (Sailors Guide to the Windward Islands etc.) Depths2Ozi was written to help produce the sketch charts in these guides, and tested on board Chris's catamaran Ti Kanot.

Client Links

(See Resumé for details of projects)

SignalQuest Created Windows DLLs to interface to their sensors.
Spectra  Now Fujifilm/Dimatix. For many years I have been a principal software designer and implementer of the image data systems to feed Spectra/Dimatix ink jet heads.
EFI The new owner of Logic Associates.  I designed and implemented the first release of many of Logic's major packages.
Chromas I did the original computer system design, and low level programming to feed image data to the print heads used in their Argio digital ink jet printing press.
Tally Systems Now a Novell subsidiary. Added recognition of various I/O boards and LANS to their PC Census package. 

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