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May, 2019

Version 2.1 for  windows 10 - 7 is now included in the download. Tested only on Win 10.

October, 2017

Version 2.1 is available by email. It tests OK on dry land but needs more testing. Version 1.21 definitely does not work beyond Windows XP.

February, 2007

bulletVersion 1.21 - When using D2O with OziExplorer moving map,  the boat heading is now displayed correctly. No longer plots  "-777" when no depth is received.

March, 2006

bulletVersion 1.19 - Now uses the OziExplorer default background color for depths plotted. This allows the use of "Transparent" which shows no background opaque box and obscures the chart less.

July, 2005

bulletVersion 1.18 - No longer refuses to plot if the Ozi "start moving map" call fails.
Deals correctly with Simrad NMEA GGA sentences that use decimals in hhmmss.

May, 2004

bulletVersion 1.16 - Fixes for crashes in a few systems and for non-English language systems. Fixes for sounders that provide only meter depths, and sounders that do not use the standard SD prefix. Eliminates the -777 depth seen when the initial GPS information arrived before any depth reading.

July, 2003

bulletInstallation instructions modified to include registering mscomm32.ocx

April, 2003

bulletVersion 1.11 - For use with OziExplorer 3.95.2 or greater and OziAPI 1.05 or greater (though it should work as before with the previous versions).  This version makes use of the latest changes in the Ozi API to allow continuous plotting of depth after the Ozi maximum points (currently 500) is passed.  After the Ozi maximum, it deletes the oldest point before plotting the new, so that you can always see the last 500 depths plotted.

March, 2003

bulletBench testing of plotting on Win XP.
bulletVersion 1.1 - First release as a Freeware Beta.

February 2003

bulletMany changes made while testing on board Ti Kanot with Chris Doyle ( Tested on Win ME and Win 98SE, using a Garmin sounder, and Garmin GPS.

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