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Consultant Software Developer   


Areas of Expertise:

Systems design in embedded  system  firmware and multi-tasking systems. Xilinx EDK, TCP/IP, Firewire, PCI, and NMEA marine interfaces. Industrial ink jet printing. The commercial printing industry. “C” (since ‘82), many assemblers, many  RTOSs, Windows, Linux

Looking for:

Interesting projects in C and/or assembly languages.


Negotiable for new and interesting projects.

  Normally $80/hour for long term projects.


Past Projects:  

· For SignalQuest ( 2004 - 2006.

  Created Windows DLLs for interfacing with specialized MEMS serial sensors.

· For Chris Doyle Guides ( 2002 to 2005.

  Created Depths2Ozi, a Win32  program for marine surveying using NMEA GPS and depth sounders.

· Consultant to SPECTRA ( 1986 to present
(Xilinx EDK, Xilkernel, C, Coldfire, 68000,  PSOS+, Nucleus+, Win32)

Adapted the LWIP TCP/IP stack for custom Xilinx FPGA gigabit DMA with an embedded IBM ppc405 print controller. Responsible for design and implementation of software for Firewire based 30 MB/s. ink jet printing press interface boards (Motorola Coldfire and C). · Systems design and custom PCI board driver software for the Chromas digital printing press.  Responsible for the Win NT/XP host driver software for both of above.· Responsible for the systems design and software implementation of several prototype ink jet PC printers based on 68K/PSOS+, and x86/Nucleus+. · Design and implementation of MS Windows 3.0 driver for Spectra's 11x17 300 dpi hot wax ink jet color printer. · Porting hot wax ink jet printer firmware to PSOS+ from Apple proprietary OS.  Solely responsible for interfacing PSOS to the hardware,  PSOS configuration,  RIP communication & protocols, imaging, image transfer, and DOS based RIP software. · Design and implementation of hot wax ink jet printer firmware using an Apple proprietary multi-tasking OS (for Apple).

· Consultant to LOGIC ASSOCIATES, ( Lebanon, NH. 1977-1998. (C, Unix, RTXC, HC11, Z80)

Designer and co-implementer of “Print on Demand” distributed order processing system. · Trouble-shooting and fixing an RTXC based press data collection system. · Eprom/HC11 based  data collection prototype. · Interactive screen based scheduling package with automatic updates from shop floor data collection. · Printer's job specification entry and editing package with change history recall. · Kermit port to several Unix machines and integration with DOS Kermit. · System library package for screen oriented form editing and menus. · Prototype UNIX based shop floor data acquisition system with up to 200 polled terminals. · Printing press productivity and waste analysis package. · Design and implementation of 40 port serial communications switcher. (EPROM Z80 asm) · Typesetting and text sorting system for printed business directory data. Payroll package integrated with existing job costing system. · System for formatting and typesetting business cards.

· Consultant to TALLY SYSTEMS (,  Hanover NH. 1992-93. (C,  DOS)

Added recognition of manufacturer, version etc. of  SCSI adapters and peripherals,  EISA boards,NDIS network cards and Lan Manager/Lan Server networks to Tally's PC Census package.

· Consultant to VERAX, Lebanon NH. 1986 to 1992.  (C, x86)

Completed many projects, both EPROM micro and PC based, on the control and monitoring of various bio-genetic fluidised bed pharmaceutical  manufacturing systems.

· Consultant to LIFE SCIENCES MFG. , Lebanon, NH, 1985

Developed and headed software division during company startup. Developed vascular diagnostic systems including data acquisition, database & analysis. (C, x86)

· Consultant to MIAMI HEART INSTITUTE 1982-1985.  (C, x86)

Embedded IBM PC based patient vascular data collection in C. · IBM AT based vascular diagnosis aid software including interactive graphics & report generation · Eprom Z-80 C based medical vascular data collection system.

· Consultant to CREARE R & D. Hanover, NH, 1982

Developed a suite of hard disk diagnostics for the System Industries  Massbus, Unibus and SBI disk drives. (VAX assembler)

· Consultant to  DARTMOUTH COLLEGE.  1977

Designed and implemented a structured programming language for  English language drills. (PILOT and BASIC)

· Consultant to MONOTYPE CORP. Redhill, Surrey, England. 1976

Added mixed Arabic/English and Farsi/English typesetting to the 400-8 photo-typesetter. Designed and implemented a general purpose text sorting package. ( LSI-II assembly)

· Consultant to DARTMOUTH COLLEGE Engineering School. 1974    (XPL and Nova assembly)

Co-designer of the playing system to run a real time digital music synthesizer within a timesharing system. · Designed and implemented two music compilers allowing real time piano keyboard entry of notes.  (These projects were with the founders of New England Digital and were the lead-in to their development of the Synclavier synthesizer.)

· 1968 to 1974 were spent sailing in the Atlantic and Pacific and as captain of a 70' shrimp trawler off French Guiana and Brazil.

· Software Engineer at THOMSON NEWSPAPERS (The Times), London. 1967   (903 assembly)

Co-Developer of Thomson's first in-house newspaper typesetting system, and developer of several other typesetting projects.

·Software Engineer at ELLIOTT-AUTOMATION COMPUTERS, Borehamwood, England. 1965-1966

Elliott 4120 & 903 assembly.  · Wrote the first hard disc drivers for the 4120 system. · Designed a book editing system. Designed and programmed perhaps the first text editing system ever to use keyboard controlled running cursors. C.A.R. Hoare, inventor of Quicksort, was head of software development at this time. See his Turing lecture (Comm. ACM 1981.)


· Irish, British (EEC) and US citizenship. Resident in New Hampshire USA.

· Fluent in French.  Enjoys travel, boating, sailing and windsurfing.  

· Education: BSc. Physics Special Honors  (equivalent to MSc)  QMC, London University, 1965.


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